Education amongst youth and children has always been the focus of visionaries. The development of the nation is dependent on the early childhood development and high-quality education that in turn leads to country’s economic success. However lack of access to effective teachers and schools is a common phenomenon in India. Even if schools are accessible, quality sometimes is questionable. The divide between enrollment and quality needs to be filled for the nation to develop.
The team at DevInsights is actively involved in studying the public and private efforts to improve the quality of education and competence of our workforce. Our work helps advance the science of education research and further the discourse on education reforms. We identify the issues involved in education sector through research and evaluation and promote effective delivery of educational interventions.

Access to education is not simply a privilege, but a fundamental human right. It is an indispensable tool for development and remains one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty, promote gender equality, and ensure peace and stability. Education is crucial for establishing fairness and inclusivity and yields significant and reliable returns in terms of income.

The World Bank has defined education as a powerful driver of progress that can deliver consistent benefits to individuals as well as society as a whole.


Globally, the hourly earnings of an individual increase by 9% for every additional year of schooling. Education drives long-term economic growth, encourages innovation, strengthens institutions, and promotes social cohesion, making it a crucial factor in establishing a prosperous and equitable society.

Access to quality education is crucial for children to have better employment opportunities in the future. Additionally, it can positively impact their health outcomes and enable them to have a say in decisions that affect their lives, ultimately helping them shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.


At DevInsights, our dedicated team is at the forefront of comprehensive research aimed at enhancing the quality of education and bolstering workforce competence. We actively engage with both public and private initiatives, contributing to the ongoing discourse on education reforms. Our mission is to not only identify but deeply understand the intricate issues within the education sector through meticulous research and evaluation.

By championing evidence-based insights, we strive to propel the science of education research forward. Our commitment extends to promoting the effective delivery of educational interventions that make a tangible impact. At DevInsights, we serve as catalysts for positive change, fostering a culture of continuous improvement in education. Below are the several projects we have undertaken under the theme of Education.

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