Data Acquisition

Data collection and fieldwork is considered as the backbone for any project carried out by DevInsights. Robust data quality monitoring system is employed in order to have data of best quality and is handled with zero tolerance. Strict protocols are maintained right from the stage of field team recruitment to data submission.
DevInsights have mastered the art of using technology in data collection including tabs, mini-laptops, mobile phones, GPS devices and GIS software. DevInsights has state-of-art Data Analytics resources equipped in handling data with utmost care and finesse thereby enabling efficient data driven decision-making. Most modern techniques for data analysis are employed for quantitative and qualitative analysis of data.
A typical data acquisition and analysis flow used by DevInsights is shown in the figure below:
Data Acquisition

Data collection and fieldwork serve as the foundation for every project undertaken by DevInsights. We prioritize a robust data quality monitoring system to ensure the highest standard of data integrity, operating with zero tolerance for discrepancies. Stringent protocols are maintained throughout the entire process, from the recruitment of field teams to the submission of data.

At DevInsights, we have honed the skill of integrating technology into data collection. We leverage tools such as tablets, mini-laptops, mobile phones, GPS devices, and GIS software. This technological integration allows for precise and efficient data gathering in various field contexts.

In addition to our prowess in data collection, DevInsights boasts state-of-the-art Data Analytics resources. These resources are equipped to handle data with the utmost care and finesse, facilitating efficient and reliable data-driven decision-making. We employ the most advanced techniques for both quantitative and qualitative analysis, ensuring that our clients receive insights that are not only accurate but also actionable in informing strategic decisions.

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