Nutrition, especially in neonatal and postnatal phase is recognized as a vital component in child development with a focus on life cycle approach. In order to provide effective intervention in this sector reaching the needy beneficiaries, identifying the deficient nutrients and ways to supplement those has to be planned.
An effective evaluation of the situation before and after the intervention not only facilitates accountability but also helps the implementers in improving the intervention. We at DevInsights are equipped to plan and execute evaluation studies in the area of nutrition. With our team of experts we analyse key aspects of the issue and provide recommendations based on the findings.

“Why does India have one of the highest numbers of malnourished children in the world?” 

Millions of people in India are facing nutrient-deficient diets as it becomes a part of their everyday life. As per WHO, India holds the record for the largest undernourished population in the world. There are several reasons for the serious levels of malnutrition seen in the country.

Some of these reasons include inadequate maternal nutritional status, unpredictable behavior during lactation, inappropriate feeding practices for infants and young children, lack of education for women, and poor sanitation standards.


The physical and mental development of individuals, along with their socioeconomic status, hinges on proper maternal, infant, and childhood nutrition.

Despite years of public sector initiatives, India still has a long way to go to improve the nutritional status of its population. The country ranks poorly in standard child nutritional indices, with a rank of 111 out of 125 countries in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2023. Recognizing the enormous costs of undernutrition in terms of lost national productivity and economic growth, India has put in place several legislative policies, programs, and interventions over the years.


An adept evaluation of the situation, both pre and post-intervention, not only serves as a cornerstone for ensuring accountability but also serves as a valuable tool for refining and enhancing the effectiveness of interventions. At DevInsights, we possess the requisite expertise to meticulously design and conduct evaluation studies specifically tailored to the domain of nutrition. Our team of professionals utilizes a comprehensive approach, scrutinizing critical facets of the issue to glean nuanced insights. Subsequently, we offer actionable recommendations based on empirical findings, thereby contributing to informed decision-making and impactful interventions in the field of nutrition. Below are the several projects we have undertaken under the theme of Nutrition.

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