Public Health

Public Health is a major concern in the developing countries and organisations working in the developmental sector have been implementing programs to address this issue. Statistical information on key indicators of health is imperative for any intervention to be successful.
At DevInsights, we address decision makers’ information needs through evidence-based studies, reliable data and analysis. Health professionals are engaged in critical issues of public concern such as Maternal & Newborn Health, TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, etc. using modern and innovative techniques like Standardised Patients and Observation studies. Driven by broad-based public interest in finding ways to improve the quality, efficiency, affordability, equity, and financing of health care, we contribute to the base of research and data in care delivery and financing, quality measures and health systems change.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” — World Health Organization

In 1948, the World Health Organization defined health as more than just physical integrity. It embodies the entirety of a human being, consisting of the body, emotions, intellect, social connections, and material possessions. All these aspects are interdependent and must be given equal significance to achieve overall well-being. 

Public health, as an essential field, is dedicated to safeguarding and improving the health of individuals and communities, and this is achieved through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, research on disease prevention and injury mitigation, and identification, prevention, and management of infectious diseases. The overarching goal of public health is to ensure the health and well-being of entire populations, regardless of their size or geographic location, which is a critical component of ensuring that everyone can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Public Health

At DevInsights, we strive to provide decision-makers with the most reliable and accurate information possible. We achieve this through conducting evidence-based studies and analyzing data from various sources. 

Our focus is on addressing critical public health issues such as maternal and newborn health, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and malaria. To accomplish this, we utilize modern and innovative techniques like standardized patients and observation studies to gather the most comprehensive data. We are dedicated to improving the quality, efficiency, affordability, equity, and financing of healthcare. By contributing to research and data on care delivery and financing, quality measures, and health systems change, we aim to make a meaningful impact in the field of public health. Below are the several projects we have undertaken under the theme of public health.

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Our Projects

Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation – Health Landscape analysis – A Comprehensive Awareness, Health Management, Comorbidities, Health Economic burden survey for IHD (CVDs), Hypertension, Diabetes, COPD, and Asthma in Palghar, Maharashtra, India

Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (LHWRF), a corporate social responsibility initiative of Lupin Limited, concentrates on fostering sustainable livelihoods and catalyzing economic growth in underdeveloped districts of India. Specifically,

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