Impact assessment of focused development program

The Covid-19 Crisis Support Scholarship aimed to assist students from Class 1 to post-graduate levels impacted by the pandemic. Targeting those who lost earning parents or livelihoods due to Covid-19, the project spanned across India, supporting a total of 4245 students. It operated in two categories: an in-school program and one beyond school.

Services Rendered: DI conducted a comprehensive end-line impact assessment using a standardized framework. This assessment evaluated project indicators, effectiveness of interventions, and sustainability of outcomes. The objectives were:


    • Assess the efficiency of student selection processes.
    • Gauge beneficiary/guardian satisfaction with the selection process.
    • Evaluate the direct and indirect effects of the scholarship on student education and family lives, including reasons for any dropouts despite receiving the scholarship.

DI’s assessment provided valuable insights and recommendations to enhance similar scholarship projects, especially in times of future crises.

Client Name –HDFC Bank CSR

States covered – Pan India

Duration – September 2023 – December 2023