Monitoring & Evaluation

Empowering Projects with Precision: Expert Monitoring and Evaluation Services. We Made Your Decisions Easy! There is no dearth of data and there are numerous sources that provide data. Drawing insights


Executing a successful Research, Monitoring, or Evaluation services is tailored to meet the diverse needs of projects, ensuring that every initiative is grounded in rigorous and scientifically robust methods for

Data Analytics

Transform Your Challenges into Opportunities with Deep Insights as Your Leading Data Analysis Company in India. We Made Your Decisions Easy! We consider Data analysis as a solution and not

Data Acquisition

Data collection and fieldwork is considered as the backbone for any project carried out by DevInsights. Robust data quality monitoring system is employed in order to have data of best

Training & Capacity Building

Capacity building at DevInsights is seen as a method of facilitating and sharing of knowledge and experience rather than pure classroom teaching. Following the principle of Hogan, we focus on

Development Communications

DevInsights is known for Innovative Strategies for Communication in Social Change Initiatives! Any communication that facilitates and accelerates development process is termed as ‘Development Communication.’ We at DevInsights extending its