Demand side aspects of secondary education – barriers and challenges

Child Rights and You (CRY) is one of the biggest organizations working on securing child rights in India, with a particular focus on rights of the girl child in some instances. Through this project CRY aims to conduct a primary research study to understand the demand side motivations, barriers and challenges (individual, household, and community levels) that prevent disadvantaged children from accessing secondary school through a primary study in the four study states. It also aims to calculate the opportunity cost of secondary education in the study states. The study’s objective is to strengthen evidence base for promoting Right to Education (RTE) extension to secondary education.
DevInsights will follow a comprehensive framework to capture demand side motivations, barriers and challenges at micro (individual), meso (community) and macro (government) levels. The macro level assessment will also give insights on the supply side factors pertaining to secondary education in the respective states. All the data and perceptions thus gathered will be used to derive inferences for the final consolidated report.
A cross sectional mixed method approach would be utilised wherein structured questionnaires would be administered to total sample of 2600 people from 1300 households wherein a school-going kid (class 8th to 11th)/ girls who dropped out after completing primary education will be interviewed along with their parents/ head of the household. The quantitative data hence collected will be triangulated with qualitative findings from FGDs conducted across groups of mothers, fathers and children of the particular age bracket from each district along with IDIs of concerned government officials at block, district and state level.

Client’s Name:- Child Rights and You (CRY)

State Covered: Rajasthan, Punjab, Karnataka and Telangana
Duration:- September 2020 – ongoing

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