Training & Capacity Building

Capacity building at DevInsights is seen as a method of facilitating and sharing of knowledge and experience rather than pure classroom teaching. Following the principle of Hogan, we focus on the wisdom of the group to bring everyone on one plane as often groups create something new or find innovative solutions to problems.
Training & Capacity Building

At DevInsights, capacity building is not just a process; it’s an immersive journey of shared knowledge and experience. Departing from conventional classroom teaching, we believe in harnessing the collective wisdom of the group to elevate the learning experience.

We follow the guiding principle of Hogan, placing a strategic focus on the power of collaboration. Our approach centers around facilitating and sharing insights, fostering an environment where groups come together to create something new and discover innovative solutions to challenges.

In the spirit of Hogan’s principle, we understand that true learning extends beyond the confines of a traditional classroom. Instead, we emphasize the strength that diverse perspectives bring to the table. By bringing everyone onto one plane, we create a space where each individual contributes to a dynamic exchange of ideas, leading to a deeper understanding of topics and the emergence of groundbreaking solutions.

At DevInsights, we prioritize the continual improvement and assessment of our projects through robust Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning practices.

DevInsights provides its Monitoring Evaluation and Learning advisory services to myriad organizations and foundations across India. DI has conducted various training and capacity-building workshops with multiple technical partners. These workshops focus on crafting tailored MEL plans and frameworks for specific projects. They cover a spectrum of topics, including data collection techniques, ensuring data quality, visualization methods, dissemination of findings and learnings, and reporting. Additionally, DevInsights facilitates and coordinates peer learning sessions, and designs training modules towards enhancing functional skill sets.

In line with this commitment, a series of other workshops have been organized, delving into essential subjects such as Logic Models, Theory of Change, Results Frameworks, and Log Frames. Different project and program-level indicators have also been co-created for result measurement. DevInsights extends ongoing support, provides guidance in evaluation studies, data maintenance, and management, continuous monitoring support using Management Information Systems (MIS), and documenting key learnings. These efforts span across sub-national and national levels, ensuring comprehensive coverage and impactful insights.

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