Livelihood remains a problem even today in our country and steps are taken to ensure livelihoods by the government and non-government agencies. Despite economic growth in India, poverty remains an unfortunate reality.
Professionals at Devinsights have taken up evaluation studies to map the livelihood needs of the youth especially in the rural areas. Along with the policy commitments stakeholders’ engagement is paramount in order to bring in the required change in the status of poverty and increased and sustained livelihood opportunities of the community. In line with this idea, we help to generate evidence and enhance efficacy of poverty reduction and livelihood programmes through impact evaluations, economic analysis, value chain studies and long-term technical assistance. Skills development is seen as one of the major factors in ensuring sustained livelihood options. The experienced team at DevInsights can train the youth of the country in making them employable, through research-based interventions in skill building and employment generation.

“You take my life when you take the means whereby I live”

– William Shakespeare

The quote by Shakespeare mentioned above defines livelihoods in a broader sense, encompassing not only its narrow economic aspect of being a source of income for an individual, family, or community but also in terms of identity and dignity. The lack of adequate economic opportunities for the poor is the biggest constraint in India’s growth story. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed various inequities in the system, further worsening the situation.


DevInsights is dedicated to understanding and addressing the livelihood needs of youth, particularly in rural areas, through comprehensive evaluation studies. Our commitment to creating impactful change in poverty alleviation and fostering sustainable livelihood opportunities is reflected in our collaboration with policymakers and key stakeholders. By engaging with these stakeholders, we strive to build a collective approach that ensures the success of poverty reduction initiatives.


At DevInsights, we specialize in generating evidence that enhances the effectiveness of poverty reduction and livelihood programs. Our approach includes impactful impact evaluations, economic analyses, value chain studies, and the provision of long-term technical assistance. We believe that these comprehensive assessments contribute significantly to informed decision-making and the development of strategies that resonate with the needs of the community.

By combining our expertise in impact evaluations, economic analyses, and skill development, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to breaking the cycle of poverty. Below are the several projects we have undertaken under the theme of Livelihood.

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