DevInsights is a private limited company, established in 2015 to cater to the monitoring and evaluation needs of the social development sector. Headquartered in Delhi, we have conducted various evaluations and studies across South Asian region and over 26 states in India.In a small span of our existence, we have worked very closely with distinguished domestic & international NGO’s, trusts, foundations, think tanks and policy making bodies across the globe.

Our Mission

To become a credible source of evidence creation for effective decision making in the social development sector, contributing into changing the lives of people. The second and an equally important mission is of creating leaders of tomorrow, thereby generating wisdom in the field of research, monitoring and evaluation.

Our Vision

A world is a habitat for all creatures living with good quality of life and happily together with dignity and self-respect..

Our Values

  1. Strive for excellence: At DevInsights, irrespective of the level of challenge, we choose to excel. We make mistakes, but always gather learnings from those mistakes and come out more strong and more empowered to attain excellence.
  2. Collaboration and co-creation: At DevInsights we are in constant dialogue with and engage with the partners, clients, and other stakeholders to build a trusted connection with the aim to achieve the common goal of creating a better world.
  3. Integrity: At DevInsights we do what is right. We thrive on the commitments made to the stakeholders and honour those commitments.
  4. Respect: We respect each and every individual and draw strength from our differences.
  5. Flexibility: We see our success in the success of our partners, clients and all the other stakeholders. Flexibility is one of the key aspects of every partnership and collaborations.

Quality Commitment

Simple, practical and cost effective research measures are adopted in order to ensure optimized best data quality:
  • Carefully designed and tested research tools
  • Use of technology to reduce non-sampling errors
  • Experienced and adept field team selection and deployment
  • Strict quality control mechanisms in place
  • Stringent quality checks for the quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • High-end impact evaluation for the research data.
  • Quality Baseline Surveys.