Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation

There is no dearth of data and there are numerous sources that provide data. Drawing insights from the data and data driven decision-making is the real need. “Cause” and “Effect” can be established in a specific context only when real insights are available. There is a need to highlight those insights that can inform policy makers, researchers and development practitioners. DevInsights aims at accentuating such insights that provide an “a-ha” moment.

Why research monitoring & evaluation?

Research, monitoring and evaluation is quintessential for any project cycle or an intervention. DevInsights assists projects for planning through Needs Assessment / Situational Analysis, KABP study or Formative Study, monitoring by creating simple MIS and easy to understand Dashboards, mid-course corrections by mid-term evaluations and evaluating by developing the Logic Models / Theory of Change and conducting Baseline and End line evaluations. We offer following services:

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