Monitoring & Evaluation

There is no dearth of data and there are numerous sources that provide data. Drawing insights from the data and data driven decision-making is the real need. “Cause” and “Effect” can be established in a specific context only when real insights are available. There is a need to highlight those insights that can inform policy makers, researchers and development practitioners. DevInsights aims at accentuating such insights that provide an “a-ha” moment.

Why research monitoring & evaluation?

Research, monitoring and evaluation is quintessential for any project cycle or an intervention. DevInsights assists projects for planning through Needs Assessment / Situational Analysis, KABP study or Formative Study, monitoring by creating simple MIS and easy to understand Dashboards, mid-course corrections by mid-term evaluations and evaluating by developing the Logic Models / Theory of Change and conducting Baseline and End line evaluations. We offer following services:
Monitoring & Evaluation

In a landscape abundant with data, the true challenge lies not in the availability of information but in extracting meaningful insights that drive informed decision-making. The essence of understanding the relationship between “cause” and “effect” is intricately tied to the revelation of genuine insights within a specific context. This is where DevInsights steps in, dedicated to illuminating those key moments of realization—those “a-ha” moments—that possess the power to guide policymakers, researchers, and development practitioners.

DevInsights recognizes the pivotal role of research, monitoring, and evaluation in every project cycle. We provide essential support at every stage. Our comprehensive services ensure that projects are grounded in robust planning, continuously monitored, and rigorously evaluated for lasting impact. 

In essence, DevInsights is not just a repository of data; it is a catalyst for profound understanding, sparking those moments of clarity that have the potential to reshape the way we approach and address key issues in the realms of policy, research, and development. By bridging the gap between data and actionable insights, it contributes to a more informed and impactful decision-making landscape.

Monitoring & Evaluation

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