Landscape Analysis For USAID Funded THALI Project

Tuberculosis Health Action Learning Initiative (THALI) was a USAID funded project. It was being implemented in Kolkata to strengthen urban TB control. Especially amongst the urban slum dwellers with a focus on women and the girl child. THALI project was aimed to establish a holistic approach to TB control efforts & to catalyze a dynamic process of identifying, developing, testing and scaling-up successful innovative solutions to strengthen urban TB control. The key strategic objective of the THALI intervention included strengthening institutional capacity, frugal innovations, greater stakeholder ownership, maintaining financial bottom lines of the private sector, enhanced public and private sector funding, and improving quality of TB services.
DevInsights was tasked to map the health facilities related to diagnosis and treatment of TB in the three identified health districts (Hazi, Tangra & Manicktala) of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and understanding the stakeholder perspectives, from the demand and supply side, pertaining to TB diagnosis, care and reporting. Within this, DevInsights conducted the Landscape Analysis of the facilities across 71 wards entailing facility mapping using GIS of the public and private health care providers, and referral networks, reviewing and documenting TB notification mechanisms, profile of TB services, challenges faced and the health seeking behavior and practice of community members as well as their satisfaction with health services. DevInsights also utilized the technique of standardized patients to capture the information pertaining to the service providers (formal and informal doctors) in the continuum of TB care.

John Snow, Inc

Hazi, Tangra & Manicktala (Kolkata)
August 2016-Decemebr2016

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