Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation – Comprehensive Awareness, Health Management, Comorbidities, Health Economic burden survey for IHD (CVDs), Hypertension, Diabetes, COPD, and Asthma in Alwar, Rajasthan, India

Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (LHWRF), a corporate social responsibility initiative of Lupin Limited, concentrates on fostering sustainable livelihoods and catalyzing economic growth in underdeveloped districts of India. Specifically, under the Lives Programme, LHWRF is addressing public health concerns, focusing on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) like Hypertension, Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), and Asthma in Palghar district, Maharashtra. The program aims to enhance community well-being and ensure improved access to healthcare services by raising awareness about associated risks, promoting early screening, and advocating for preventive measures.

To achieve this, LHWRF plans to conduct a Health Landscape Analysis in Palghar. An assessment both at the community and facility level undertaken by DI will explore socio-demographic and socio-economic status of people of Palghar, knowledge, attitude and practices related to non-communicable diseases, their health seeking behaviour for health management and treatment. The study will explore the availability, accessibility and affordability of healthcare services for CVDs, Hypertension, Diabetes, COPD and Asthma patients through observation of the selected Primary Health Centers.  assessing socio-demographic and socio-economic factors, knowledge about NCDs, health-seeking behavior, and the availability, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare services. The study will cover 164 villages in 8 blocks, with quantitative data collected from 3280 individuals aged 30 to 70 years through cluster random sampling. Qualitative interviews and focus group discussions will complement the data, involving medical officers, district officers, ASHA workers, PRI members, and community members.

The insights gained from this study will inform health behaviors and identify social, environmental, and institutional factors influencing health outcomes in the intervention area. The findings will contribute to enhancing community-level awareness and strengthening health service delivery under the National Programme for Prevention & Control of Non-Communicable Diseases, with a focus on gender equity in healthcare-seeking behaviors and an overarching goal of improving overall quality of life.

Client: - Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation

State Covered: Rajasthan

Duration:- March 2023

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