Baseline Study For Project Jaipur Rural

Reliance Foundation had planned to initiate the project “Jaipur Rural” in the rural areas of Jaipur district (Rajasthan). The objective was to reach rural population across a range of issues pertaining to information services, water security, market linkages, skill building, community leadership and education and sports for the youth.
The baseline study was undertaken by DevInsights with the objective of understanding the situation in the six intervention areas among the rural population. As part of the study, DevInsights carried out a cross sectional study design using mixed method. The tools were developed to cover a range of stakeholders including, rural farmers, youth, community influencers such as Anganwadi workers, school teachers, community leaders, PRI and GP members across a total of 24 GPs (48 villages) from treatment and control areas in the district. The field teams trained to carry out the data collection covered a total of 145 rural youth, 148 farmers, 96 PRI and GP members, and 98 community leaders or influencers and 3 thematic experts with expertise on covered sectors. The data findings were analysed to explore the trends emerging from the populations and insights regarding the status of the population covered under the study and intended as beneficiaries under the upcoming intervention planned as Project Jaipur Rural.

Reliance Foundation

Jaipur (Rural) Rajasthan
February 2019-April 19

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