Baseline Study Of Khushi Nutrition Project In Rajasthan

CARE India was planning to implement a project called KHUSHI, focused on young children under AWCs in three blocks of Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. The project was targetted to provide support to the ICDS programme in order to strengthen the functionality and quality of service delivery towards achieving the overall development of children, including their health and nutritional status. The objectives of the project included strengthening the early childhood education, healthcare services, feeding practices (promotion of nutrition), providing technical support to existing functionaries, monitoring attendance, retention and development indicators of children, and addressing the need based gaps of the selected Aanganwadi Centres.
DevInsights conducted the baseline study to establish the benchmarks for the indicators of the project Khushi, wherein it assessed the status of target groups of children, pregnant and lactating women and functioning of Aanganwadi Centres. The study covered two broad components of institutional assessment and community assessment. The data collection took place in the blocks of Gangrar, Bhadesar and Chittorgarh rural of the Chittorgarh district. Overall 229 AWCs were assessed along with the interviews of the AWW. Under the community assessment component in 54 villages, a total of 372 pregnant and lactating women and a total of 1177 children in the age group of 0-6 years were covered through household level structured interviews and 29 ASHA, ANM/PRI members and Aanganwadi supervisors were interviewed using IDI tool and 3 focus group discussions were undertaken.


Chittorgarh- Rajasthan
February 2018-March2018

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