Study On Quality, Safety And Sustainability Of Toilets In Rural India

This study is a continuation of a previous study that was conducted by Water Aid India in partnership with DevInsights in 2017, on toilet technologies which provided important insights on the types of toilet technology existing across 16 districts in India. That study provided insights on quality and safety of toilets, appropriateness of toilet technology […]

Urban OSS Study- Documenting And Assessing On-Site Sanitation Systems In Smaller Cities And Data For M&E

Centre for Policy Research intended to implement the Scaling City Institutions for India: Sanitation (SCI FI: Sanitation), a project aimed to ascertain the reasons behind poor sanitation, while exploring the relationship between sanitation with technology, financial concerns, services delivery model, governance and varied socio-economic parameters.DevInsights was tasked to conduct a situation analysis exercise with the […]

Impact Evaluation Of TWM BCC Intervention

The Tata Water Mission (TWM) of Tata Trusts, initiated a Behavior Change Communication (BCC) intervention for behavioural change and generation of demand for relevant products & services around three key behaviours /practices (Water Handling, Sanitation and Hand Washing). The BCC activities included behaviour change through the “Nurture” aspect of the Behaviour Centred Design (BCD) model […]

Baseline Study Of Water Units In Karnataka

Jaldhara Foundation with support from Tata Trusts was setting up 200 water purification units, ensuring access to safe drinking water at an affordable price to the underserved communities of urban slums in Northern Karnataka districts.DevInsights carried out the baseline study across the 9 districts of north Karnataka for the planned impact evaluation with the overall […]

Toilet Usage And Verification Study Of MPWASH Program

Water Aid India conducted a sample verification of the sanitation users of MPWASH program. The reports received from MPWASH, MPWASH MIS and MDWS physical progress report to be used for as database for inventory.DevInsights partnered with Water Aid in conducting a latrine usage and follow-up study in 7 districts in Madhya Pradesh. The reports received […]