Urban OSS Study- Documenting And Assessing On-Site Sanitation Systems In Smaller Cities And Data For M&E

Centre for Policy Research intended to implement the Scaling City Institutions for India: Sanitation (SCI FI: Sanitation), a project aimed to ascertain the reasons behind poor sanitation, while exploring the relationship between sanitation with technology, financial concerns, services delivery model, governance and varied socio-economic parameters.
DevInsights was tasked to conduct a situation analysis exercise with the objective to undertake a primary household level survey to document the types of existing on-site sanitation systems (OSS) technologies in order to enhance the existing literature on appropriateness of technology usage in urban areas. DevInsights undertook the development of study tools, training of field teams for data collection and conducted data collection across urban geographies of four states covering 10 cities. The primary data was corroborated with secondary literature review. It included coverage of 3000 households across the 10 cities through structured interviews and 48 key informant interviews of a range of stakeholders including cesspool operators (private and government), Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) contractors, manual cleaners, solid waste collectors (government and private), city ULB officials, and masons involved in construction of toilets and OSS systems. The findings of the data were analysed to provide insights and data trends on existing types of toilets and toilet technology being used by households, including wastewater management, solid waste management and community sanitation structures. A separate component focusing on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) was undertaken. It included conduction of one focus group discussion across each of the 10 cities to understand the existing practices around MHM and aligning with the OSS study to delineate access and availability of sanitation facilities to formulate strategies for enhancement of MHM.

Centre for Policy Research

Uttarakhand , MP, Rajasthan & Odisha
July 2018-November 2018

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