Why it is imperative to educate women

I just got the incredible chance to join the workforce of Devinsights. My first reaction was “oh great, the office is women-oriented”. I am not demeaning, belittling or disrespecting the men, but I was happy because seeing more women, only reinforced my belief that tomorrow’s world belongs to the women.

Just the presence of one woman uplifts and brings a ray of sunshine into a room full of eminent male personalities. I remember hating to come home from school without my mother being there, it gave me a very empty feeling and everything looked colourless, never felt the same when my father was not around.

Where will we be without women, so let’s make the most of it and give them the due that they deserve?

To become a developed nation from a developing one, the key to this is educating more and more women, the progress of a nation is measured by the degree of progress which their women have achieved.” Investing in girls’ education and empowerment is important because it spearheads global progress.

In recent times, the countries that were headed by women handled coronavirus better to those led by men, whether it was Angela Merkle of Germany, Jacinda Arden of New Zealand, Mette Frederiksen of Denmark or Sanna Marin of Finland. Even our very neighbour, Bangladesh has become from the least developed country to a developing country, seeing unprecedented economic growth in the last decade. Under the regime and leadership of Sheikh Hasina Bangladesh has grown and developed so much more during the last decade.

By uplifting the women, we will just be reinstating the fact that by moving forward together we can build a stronger world and foster future generations where gender inequality is a redundant word.

Saswati B Johri

Manager- Operations

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