Revenue is important for a business, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Arguably, the money that comes in, makes the company work. But the long-term success of a business depends on the team. Leaders creating leaders. A leader can set an example and inspire others to follow the best practices and make them the next leader. That’s how even other team members can make that leadership sustainable.

In fact, the most successful businesses often have leaders who are not only charismatic and inspiring, but also people who understand how to build and manage a team. This makes them effective at managing their own careers but also able to mobilize others when necessary.

Team camaraderie and cooperation are key to building capacity within the team and cultivating a culture that encourages innovation and creativity. Team camaraderie and cooperation—the ability to build trust and friendships among employees—are essential for creating leaders. This capacity building doesn’t just lead to better project management, client service; it also makes it easier for employees to work together and collaborate on projects that require more than one person’s input in a company like DevInsights.

At DevInsights, our teams work on multiple projects, simultaneously. Project timelines range between 4 weeks to 24 weeks. At times, it seems as though we move at a very fast pace, and may appear that we don’t have time to sit, discuss and explain things. To the contrary, every employee at DevInsights loves hand-holding, teaching, sharing, and lifting other colleagues.

The same is true for individuals: when we’re working on ourselves individually and in our relationships with others, we create more value for our companies. When we’re able to build our capacity as individuals and teams—in both senses of the word—we become more productive as members of those teams.


Author: Paresh Kumar, CEO & Co-founder, DevInsights

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