My Experience At DevInsights – Shikha Rana

I started working at DevInsights in 2016, when it was just a fledgling organization. Being my second job and my introduction in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning sector, this opportunity turned out to be the best stepping-stone that I could have had.

Working in a small close-knit team, I was exposed to and learned each and every step of the process of undertaking and successfully completing our projects. Learning about the nuances involved in each aspect of our work, from preparing response to RfPs (technical and financial (which I never thought I would get better at) proposals), preparing study instruments, training and managing field teams, reporting the findings and liaising with the clients, not only prepared me for handling projects but were great boosters for my self-confidence and interpersonal communication skills. There was always immense potential for learning with each project and hands-on experience for all projects in such varying sectors, from WASH to maternal and child health that it was never dull and always new things to learn. It was enriching to grow in an environment, where everyone in the team, including our CEO were readily approachable and available, to figure out our doubts or lend a helping hand for even the smallest of things and issues. Be it an issue while managing the field work for data collection, presentations with national and international clients, or analyzing data for our reports, the team was always there to help figure out things and then learn to manage on our own as well. This non-hierarchical flat organization working style has always been the draw of the organization.

I had worked for over two and half years and seen DevInsights go from strength to strength to what it has reached now. Having been a small part of its journey, I am tremendously happy to see DevInsights where it stands presently and wish all the best to keep moving brilliantly in the miles to go.

Cheers to completing 5 years and may you have many, many more such anniversaries!!


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