By the time this article gets published, we would have already completed 313 days of the year 2022.

Like every year, you would have made plans for the year 2022, right? You had goals and dreams and expectations. You look back into the past 313 days and see where your original plans are.

Some of you would have had some big plans for the year 2022. You wanted to be healthier and fitter, have more money in your bank account, kick-start your start-up, get another degree, get  promotion at work, buy a new vehicle, and maybe even move out of your parents’ house and buy your own house.

It’s scary to see that they aren’t coming together like you thought they would. You’re looking back at the year 2022 and realizing that you didn’t achieve them. It’s natural to get frustrated if you don’t achieve your goals. You feel like you could have done better. You blame yourself and also that life is unfair. But the truth is, it’s okay to fail. You can learn from mistakes and setbacks, and this will help you be better in the future.

It’s also important to write down the points of what went wrong so that you can learn from them. Write down what didn’t work, why it didn’t work, and how you would change it for the next year in 2023. Then take these points and build a plan for 2023 by doing step-by-step planning with your teammates or team members who have similar goals as yours. Don’t analyze yesterday; think about what could have gone better, how things could have been better organized, and what needs improvement in the future.

But it’s time to stop overthinking yesterday. So, with 51 days left in the year 2022, what are your plans? How can you use what you learned from this year to be better prepared for 2023? Do share your comments.

Author: Paresh Kumar, CEO & Co-founder, DevInsights

Date: November 10, 2022

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