Five Years Of DI (04-12-2019)

It feels awesome to enter into the fifth year of our formation after completing a very challenging but an extremely satisfying four splendid years! We continue to operate like a start-up. We continue to learn new things in the business, we continue to contribute towards making the world a better place to live. We continue to value our communities, our partners, value their expectations and priorities.

On the foundation day of DevInsights, we would like to express our gratitude for the commitment, faith, courage and wisdom demonstrated by everyone who contributed into the formation of DevInsights and taking it where it is today.

The journey would not have been possible without the significant contributions made by the super amazing team at DevInsights. They have been a rock solid support and stayed through the thick and thin! They are on their way to become the future leaders by not just being good at work, but being good human beings and the change makers! While working on projects, we met and worked with some amazing thematic and practice leaders from the industry. It was no less than a great perk to have them around in the team who added tremendous value to our work and gave us a broader perspective on various aspects of life.

We celebrate that we are blessed with some of the most wonderful clients and partners. We continued working with our existing partners and built new partnerships this year. This year, we got the opportunity to work directly with some of the global partners and increased our global footprints to four new countries.

Our not-for-profit initiative, The Lily Foundation (TLF) continues to build and contribute to the knowledge repository through initiatives like “When Skills Speak” and offering internship to the students from reputed Delhi University colleges and Jamia Millia Islamia University. The program “When Skills Speak” is a training program that caters to students in the final semesters of their PG/MPhil/PhD, which is geared towards developing important technological skills, which are simple yet very relevant. The skills comes handy to them when they get into their regular employment after college. The program helps them becoming skilled and job ready.

We take this opportunity to announce our new initiative, “DevCommunion”, a development communication initiative of DevInsights. The vertical will be run and managed under the able leadership of a senior development communication expert. Through this initiative we aim to develop compelling communication narratives and create impactful communication products and materials.

Taking into account the increased disharmony, fear, loss of rights and discontent around the globe, we continue to embrace the beliefs that DevInsights was founded upon and understand how important and relevant we are today to the society we live in.

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