Farmer Perception Analysis through quantitative and qualitative assessment of project interventions and documentation of cases as compendium

TNCC is actively engaged in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, particularly in the context of regenerative agriculture in Punjab, Northwest India. The organization is working with farmers to identify and implement solutions to challenges posed by certain farming methods that harm the environment and threaten the long-term sustainability of farming. TNCC initiated ‘Promoting […]

Mid Term Review Of Swallows India Bangladesh Programme (Phase II)

Swallows India Bangladesh programme has been going on since 2014. This assignment was commissioned as the mid-term evaluation of the second phase of swallow’s project (2020). Project locations across India & Bangladesh were covered under this assignment. The study design was cross-sectional with mixed method approach, where in the assessment of the country programme was […]

Migration In Rice-Based Systems In South Asia

The objective of the study was to explore the short-term and long-term effects of migration on gender and social relations, resource and labour allocation, decision-making in selected rice-based cropping systems , and the related socio- cultural changes within the community in BiharDevinsights conducted the survey across three districts of Gaya, Darbhanga & Gopalganj covering 10 […]

Final Evaluation Of The Swallow’s India/Bangladesh Programme (Phase I)

This was the final evaluation of the country programme of Swallows, a non-profit development organisation based out of Lund, Sweden. The programme was implemented from 2014 to 2016, and six implementing partners were carrying out the implementation under different thematic areas.DevInsights conducted the impact evaluation exercise following the DAC criteria for the evaluation adopting cross-sectional […]

Baseline Study For Project Jaipur Rural

Reliance Foundation had planned to initiate the project “Jaipur Rural” in the rural areas of Jaipur district (Rajasthan). The objective was to reach rural population across a range of issues pertaining to information services, water security, market linkages, skill building, community leadership and education and sports for the youth.The baseline study was undertaken by DevInsights […]