October 2020

We are at a critical juncture today seeing an increasing concentration on skill based education. There is a greater move to revive learning based vocational training and obtaining industry specific skills. On Gandhi’s 151st birthday, we explore through this article the Gandhian idea of vocational training labelled as Nai Taleem wherein he is linking curriculum […]

June 2020

As per the IUCN Red List (2018), there are 75 critically endangered and 60 endangered animals in India. Wildlife in our country is confronting the danger of extinction because of illegal trading, excessive poaching, pollution, loss of habitat and deforestation. Our team felt that despite some major government initiatives, importance of wildlife conservation hasn’t been […]

May 2020

India has been under complete lockdown from 25th of March 2020 to control the spread of COVID-19, making it the most extensive lockdown in the India’s history. The poor working-class/daily wage earners faced the monstrous brunt as the lockdown has severely impacted their livelihood opportunities & forced lakhs of daily wagers/casual labourers out of job. […]

April 2020

With the spread of COVID-19 several countries including India have imposed lockdown. The intention behind the lockdown is to flatten the curve which essentially means spreading the coronavirus cases over a longer time frame thus allowing the healthcare machinery more time to handle the burden. India has been under lockdown for the past one month […]

March 2020

SheThePeople is India’s first women’s channel inspired by real stories and seeks to change the discourse on, about and for women. Fierce and firebrand, it’s a platform for stories of women breaking new ground as entrepreneurs, feminists, mothers, doctors, actors, artists, leaders, activists, homemakers and others who shatter glass ceilings in every sphere of life. […]

February 2020

February 4th is World Cancer Day! This month we took a moment to recognize some amazing people who have battled cancer, beaten it, and now giving their time and energy to help others impacted by the same. One such person is Harmala Gupta, cancer survivor and social activist, who has pioneered cancer support services in […]

January 2020

The principle of non-violence rejects the use of physical violence in order to achieve social or political change. Large populations around the world embraced this form of social action in movements for social justice. Download Now Share Now Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Other Blogs October 2020 We are at a […]

December 2019

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) were first reported in India in 1986.As per the recently released India HIV Estimation 2017 report, HIV prevalence amongst adults (15-49 years) Old at national level has shown a steady decline from an estimated peak of 0.38% in 2001-03 through 0.34% in 2007, 0.28% […]