Unveiling The Hidden Truths of Development: The Role of Impact Evaluation

impact evaluation process

“How can we truly measure the change we seek in the world?” In the realm of international development, this question lies at the heart of our endeavors. We embark on projects and initiatives with the noblest of intentions, but how do we know if they’re making the difference they were designed for? The answer lies […]

Neglected Dental Health: The cause for dent in your overall health

In an era where our lives are increasingly fast-paced, with our schedules packed to the brim, it’s easy to neglect certain aspects of our well-being. One such area that often takes a backseat is dental health. We diligently care for our physical fitness, mental well-being, and overall health, but why do we neglect our dental […]

Urbanization and Flood Vulnerability in India

  Background As cities expand and populations rise, the interaction between urban development and natural systems becomes more intricate, leading to a higher risk of floods. This blog explores the relationship between urbanization and flood vulnerability in India, shedding light on the underlying causes, consequences, and potential solutions. How urban growth alters natural landscapes Urban […]

Impact of Monitoring and Evaluation on Health Policy and Decision Making

  Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is an essential process that evaluates the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of projects, programs, or policies. It systematically collects and analyzes data to monitor progress, assess outcomes, and facilitate well-informed decision-making. M&E finds extensive application across diverse sectors, such as development projects, public health initiatives, education programs, and business activities. […]

Impact Assessment of CSR interventions in India

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an integral part of business practices in India, mandated by the Companies Act, 2013 and subsequent amendments. Every qualifying company requires spending of at least 2% of its average net profit (profit before taxes) for the immediately preceding three financial years on CSR activities in India. Implementation of CSR […]

Missing Numbers

India’s scheduled 2021 decennial census has been postponed for the first time probably, and no new date has been announced. It was originally scheduled to be held in April-May 2021, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ramifications of this, according to experts, might include excluding people from social programmes and improperly allocating […]

Role Of Technology In M&E

When it comes to monitoring and evaluation (M&E), technology plays a significant role. More than anybody else, a researcher like me who began their work before 2000 can only understand this. Forget about applications; we didn’t have computers to handle and analyse data in our offices back then. I was sharing with my colleague yesterday […]

Mixed Method Research

Why Mixed Method Research is done? With the development and perceived legitimacy of both qualitative and quantitative research in the social and human sciences, mixed methods research, employing the combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches, has gained popularity. The problems addressed by social and health science researchers are complex, and the use of either quantitative […]

Difference between Case Study and Best Practice

In the end of the session that DevInsights conducted jointly with Bernard Van Leer Foundation on the topic “Reporting and Learning in MEL”, a participant asked me – what is the difference between a “case study” and “best practice”? This was an excellent question, indeed. Firstly I tried to expound whether we should call it […]

The A (accountability) and L (learning) of MEAL

The monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning (MEAL) system is only effective when project teams use data to demonstrate and improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and, ultimately, the outcomes and impact of their projects. While gathering and analysing monitoring and evaluation information is crucial, even more, crucial is to inform management decisions, which in turn promotes and […]