About Us

Dev Insights was founded by group of development professional having diverse set of skills ranging from Research, Evaluations, Analytics, Communication, Documentation, Training and Implementation in the sector. The group realized the paucity of organisations or partners in India, that could deliver Research, Evaluation and Implementation projects with the desired quality, that completes on time and is also low-priced.


Data Analytics

Data analysis at DevInsights is seen as a solution and not just as a tool or software. Backed with an extensive knowledge of research and evaluation, the analytics should maximize the power of data to answer today’s most challenging questions. Further, solutions are to be built on high quality data, supported by deep understanding of programs and policies, and customized for organizational goals and needs.

Capacity & Skill Building

Capacity building at DevInsights is seen a method of facilitating and sharing knowledge and experience and not as pure teaching. Following the principle of Hogan, bringing out and focusing the wisdom of the group, often as the group creates something new or solves a problem.

Accentuating Insights for Social Development

There is no dearth of data and there are numerous sources that provides data. Drawing insights from the data and data driven decision making is the real need. “Cause” and “Effect” can be established in a specific context only if the real insights are available. There is a need to highlight those insights that can inform the policy decisions, researchers and development practitioners. DevInsights aims at accentuating those insight that provides an “a-ha” moment.

Research Based Consulting

The development fraternity is witnessing a growing need of managing development interventions based on results. Research based insightful consulting can assist social development organizations to enhance their results, improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and develop plans for improvement. DevInsights champions in the methodologies or frameworks that guides the identification of problems and serves as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing tasks.

Our Clients / Partners

DevInsights geographical presence and footprints

Headquartered at Delhi, DevInsights is strategically placed to directly cater to the field related requirements for the north Indian states.

DevInsights also has its presence in South India, with a functional office in Chennai.

DevInsights through its various evaluations and studies conducted has it’s footprints in 13 states of India.

To accomplish field works for other states, DevInsights has formed associations with groups / institutions / agencies situated in various parts of the country.