About Us


DevInsights was founded by a group of development professionals with diverse skillsets ranging from Research, Evaluations, Analytics, Communications, Documentation, Training and Capacity Building and Project Implementation and Monitoring. Realizing the dearth of organisations and partners in India, that could deliver Research, Evaluation and Implementation projects with the desired quality on time and is also low-priced.




Accentuating Insights for Social Development

There is no dearth of data and there are numerous sources that provide data. Drawing insights from the data and data driven decision-making is the real need. “Cause” and “Effect” can be established in a specific context only when real insights are available. There is a need to highlight those insights that can inform policy makers, researchers and development practitioners. DevInsights aims at accentuating such insights that provide an “a-ha” moment.

Research Based Consulting

The development fraternity is witnessing a growing need of managing result driven development interventions. Research based insightful consulting can assist social development organizations to improve their performance and thereby enhance the impact. Data driven approaches also help organisations internally to address organizational problems by taking informed decisions. DevInsights champions in the methodologies and frameworks that guide problem identification and serves as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing tasks.

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