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DevInsights was founded by group of development professional having diverse set of skills ranging from Research, Evaluations, Analytics, Communication, Documentation, Training and Implementation in the sector.

The group realized the paucity of organisations or partners in India, that could deliver Research, Evaluation and Implementation projects with the desired quality, that completes on time and is also low-priced.

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Nation building is severely dependent on a the early childhood developments and high-quality education which in turn leads to country’s economic success. However, many lack access to effective teachers and schools.

Public Health & Nutrition


DevInsights professionals have been engaged in addressing decision makers’ information needs through evidence based studies, reliable data and analysis. The professionals have been involved in critical issues of public concern like Maternal & Newborn Health..

Livelihood / Poverty


Despite economic growth in India, poverty remains an unfortunate reality. Along with the policy commitments, other stakeholder’s engagement is paramount in order to bring in the required change in the status of poverty and increased and sustained livelihood opportunities of the community.



DevInsights professionals brings in significant experience and learning in the area of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. One of the founder members has authored a book book titled, “Is it really clean? – Creating a WASH Index”, …

Music for Development

Music for Development

Music for development (M4D) is a novel initiative, conceptualized by DevInsights which underlines the use of Music in it’s most popular format, for making effective and sustainable change in current knowledge, attitude, behavior and practices. A successfully piloted model, which can be replicated into different settings, sectors and geographies.

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Data collection and field work is considered as the back-bone for any project carried out by DevInsights. Robust data quality monitoring system…


In order to carry out a Research, Monitoring or Evaluation project, choosing the right kind of methodology is paramount depending on the research objectives.

Research, Monitoring, Evaluation

Research, monitoring and evaluation is quintessential for any project cycle or an intervention. Dev Insights assist projects for planning through Needs Assessment / Situational Analysis, KABP study or Formative Study…

Music For Development

Music has been a part of humans at various stages of life. Music has been used for ages to wake us up in the morning, make us sleep, make us dance and make us feel good during low.


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Econometrical analysis is heart of any economic research. It won’t be fare if I do not give a glimpse about Econometrics; basically, econometrics is a special form of statistical analysis completely dedicated to the growth of economic research and in some cases it is distinguishable from standard statistical mathematics. The regime of econometrics is vast and new approaches are adding on day by day. Econometrics have the capability to give us subtle but meaningful insights through its computing and analytical power.

Sometimes obscuring models in some research activities make me anxious and pioneered me to think deeply about modeling issues. While attending a national seminar at a university I noticed a person presenting an econometric model with some indescribable move by making the natural logarithm operator common for all explanatory variables. Basically his model seems to be functionally miss-specified, i.e., the components of the model were erroneously presented. In this context, I am trying to reflect the dummies under the umbrella of natural logarithm.

Let’s kick off with the need for natural logs in a regression model. Natural logs are often used to show constant percentage regression models. For instance, with log wage dependent variable and education as

log(wage) = b0 + b1educ + u

a regressor we can say that wage increases by a constant percentage with every additional year of education. In addition, natural log can be used to obtain constant elasticity and semi elasticity regression model. In the above equation 100.b1 refers to as semi-elasticity of y with respect to x. if the education variable was log (educ), then we could have said b1 is elasticity of y with respect to x.

On the other hand, dichotomous or dummy variable is a kind of variable to show binary responses, i.e., either yes or no (0 or 1 similarly). But applying natural logarithm to a dummy variable is not a good idea as this may force the results to be biased. It is not meaningful as because natural log of 0, 1 is undefined and 0 respectively. Putting the log on the dummies basically an ignorance to basic mathematical theory and would be a point critical assessment. From my point of view, applying log to categorical variable is also avoidable; this may also lead to the same unsolved puzzle. A user of regression model is expected to have a fruitful decision-making abilities in deciding where to use these methods and where not. It is always better to leave dummy variable as it is should there be any appropriate need to change. If you have any particular view on this, putting up a comment would be appreciable.

Author’s Name:
Tanay Chanda

Research Executive – MLE at DevInsights, Delhi

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