Data Analytics

We consider Data analysis as a solution and not treat it just as a tool or software. At DevInsights analytics is used to maximize the power of data to answer today’s most challenging questions. Furthermore, solutions are built on high quality data backed by in-depth understanding of programs and policies and are customized to meet the organizational goals and needs.

At DevInsights, we perceive data analysis not merely as a tool or software but as a comprehensive solution. Our approach involves harnessing the power of data to address some of today’s most complex questions. We believe in utilizing analytics to its fullest potential, leveraging high-quality data, and combining it with a profound understanding of programs and policies. Our solutions are meticulously crafted, and tailored to meet the specific goals and needs of the organization. By integrating in-depth knowledge with robust data analysis, we strive to provide effective and customized solutions that make a meaningful impact. 

Some of the tools that we use to conduct our data analysis are STATA, SPSS, Advanced Excel, and Power BI.

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