Paresh Kumar

Paresh Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, DevInsights

Paresh Kumar

CEO and Co-Founder

Paresh Kumar

CEO and Co-Founder – DevInsights

A Management professional, Paresh is a data enthusiast, and has made many contributions to research, monitoring and evaluation in the social development sector. Involved in the research sector for the last 15 years, Paresh has been working in close association with various agencies including civil society organisations, policy makers, private sector organisations, bilateral donor agencies and foundations. During his stints with various organisations, he has spearheaded some of the Measurement, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) grants funded by Government, BMGF, MSD for Mothers Initiative, LSHTM, INGOs, bilaterals, Govt and other donors.

Paresh has lead more than 80 large scale research studies in India in public health, WASH, primary education etc. He has headed the research division of some of the leading research agencies like Sambodhi Research & Communications Pvt. Ltd., New Concept Information Systems, Juxt Consult to name a few. He has also headed the research division of one of Jharkhand’s leading Hindi dailies – Prabhat Khabar.

Recently he has authored a book titled “Is it really clean? – Creating WASH Index” published by Ruby Press & Co. which is available on the stands.

In the past, he has published his work in leading international journals like Implementation Science, AIDS Education & Prevention, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre etc.