Paresh Kumar

CEO and Co-Founder

During the last two decades in his career, Paresh has made many contributions to research, monitoring and evaluation in the social development sector. Paresh has co-authored the book “Is it really Clean–creating a WASH Index”. He has published his research work in international journals like The Lancet Global Health, Social Science & Medicine, Implementation Science, AIDS Education & Prevention, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre. Paresh is the architect of an innovative BCC model called M4DTM (Music for Development).

He has spearheaded several Measurement, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) grants funded by Government, trusts, foundations, INGOs, bi-laterals and other development partners in the area of public health, nutrition, livelihood, education, child rights and WASH. Paresh has travelled the length and breadth of India that has given him a remarkable feel for the pulse of the real India. The early stage of Paresh’s life was marked with disciplined education, cricket, a rich vein of the creative life and with powerful essence of music and culture. Whenever he finds time, he enjoys strumming his guitar, composing songs or jingles. He has keen interest in Urdu and Hindi literature and loves writing poems and shayari.

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