Data Acquisition


Data collection and field work is considered as the back-bone for any project carried out by DevInsights. Robust data quality monitoring system is employed in order to have data of best quality and is handled with zero tolerance. Strict protocols are maintained right from the stage of field team recruitment to data submission.



In order to carry out a Research, Monitoring or Evaluation project, choosing the right kind of methodology is paramount depending on the research objectives. Irrespective of whether the study is qualitative or quantitative or mixed, it is important to choose the method that best suits the study needs in the context of the overall intention of the research.

Research, Monitoring & Evaluation


Research, monitoring and evaluation is quintessential for any project cycle or an intervention. Dev Insights assist projects for planning through Needs Assessment / Situational Analysis, KABP study or Formative Study, monitoring by creating simple MIS and easy to understand Dashboards

Music for Development


Music has been a part of humans at various stages of life. Music has been used for ages to wake us up in the morning, make us sleep, make us dance and make us feel good during low. From infancy to adulthood music is an important part of our lives. Music is effectively used at the time of worship, workouts, and parties, initial learning through rhymes, used as national anthems, games anthems etc.