Public Health

Public Health is a major concern, especially in the developing countries and organisations working in the developmental sector have been implementing programs to address this issue. Statistical information on key indicators of health is imperative for any intervention to be successful. At DevInsights, professionals have been engaged in addressing decision makers’ information needs through evidence based studies, reliable data and analysis. The professionals have been involved in critical issues of public concern like Maternal & Newborn Health, TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, etc. using modern and innovative techniques like Standardised Patients and Observation studies. Driven by broad-based public interest in finding ways to improve the quality, efficiency, affordability, equity, and financing of health care, we  contribute to the base of research and data in care delivery and financing, quality measures and health systems change.



Nutrition, especially in neonatal and post natal phase, has been recognized as a vital component of child development. Social welfare agencies have been intervening in the area of nutrition of children, mothers as well as adolescent girls. In order to provide effective intervention in this sector, reaching the needy beneficiaries, identifying the deficient nutrient and ways to supplement those has to be planned.   An effective evaluation of the situation before and after the intervention not only facilitates accountability but also helps the implementers in improving the intervention. We at Devinsights are equipped to plan and execute evaluation studies in the area of nutrition. With our team of experts we analyse key aspects of the issue and provide recommendations based on the findings.


Water Sanitation and Hygiene are key indicators of development of any nation. Prevention of contamination of water, treatment distribution and handling of drinking water, new innovations in water conservation as a result of environmental change is the focus of the development professionals. DevInsights professionals brings in significant experience and learning in the area of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. One of the founder members has authored a book titled, “Is it really clean? – Creating a WASH Index”, was initially rooted in the idea that available data on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) should be simplified for easier interpretation and comparison across study units. It is the fundamental right of the human being to have access to clean Water and Sanitation as well as proper hygiene education, which in turn can reduce morbidity and death. This also impacts poverty and socioeconomic development. Poor sanitation contributes to diarrhea deaths,  which children being more vulnerable and also chronic diarrhea can have a negative effect on child development (both physical and cognitive). In addition, lack of WASH facilities can prevent students from attending school, impose a burden on women, and diminish productivity.



Livelihood remains a problem even today in our country and steps have been taken to ensure livelihoods by the government and non-government agencies. Despite economic growth in India, poverty remains an unfortunate reality. Professionals at Devinsights have taken up evaluation studies to map the livelihood needs of the youth especially in the rural areas. Along with the policy commitments, other stakeholder’s engagement is paramount in order to bring in the required change in the status of poverty and increased and sustained livelihood opportunities of the community. In line with the idea, we help to generate evidence and enhance efficacy of poverty reduction and livelihood programmes through impact evaluations, economic analysis, value chain studies and long-term technical assistance. Skills development is seen as one of the major factors in ensuring sustained livelihood options. The experienced team at DevInsights can assist the youths of the country in making them employable, through research based interventions in skill building and employment generation.


Education of youth and children has always been the focus of visionaries. The development of the nation is dependent on the early childhood development and high-quality education which in turn leads to country’s economic success. However, lack of access to effective teachers and schools is a common phenomena in India. Even if the schools are accessible, the quality is sometimes questionable. The divide between enrollment and quality needs to be filled for the nation to develop. The team at DevInsights is actively involved in studying the public and private efforts to improve the quality of education and competitiveness of our workforce. Our work helps advance the science of education research and further discourse about education reform. We identify the issues involved in education sector through research and evaluation and further promote effective delivery of educational intervention.  A strong statistical base is imperative for effective action for promoting quality education by any organisation.


Knowledge Management

Professional organisations need to manage their knowledge for it to be available to the right people at the right time. This promotes a culture of learning and knowledge sharing within the organisation. The management of knowledge products also need to be updated from time to time. The team at DevInsights also engage in knowledge management and process documentation of ongoing projects. We develop knowledge products like district Insight report, best practice documentation, quarterly reports, process documentation, video documentation etc. for different stakeholders. Thus helping in the coordination and exploitation of an organisation’s knowledge resources.