Livelihood remains a problem even today in our country and steps are taken to ensure livelihoods by the government and non-government agencies. Despite economic growth in India, poverty remains an unfortunate reality.

Professionals at Devinsights have taken up evaluation studies to map the livelihood needs of the youth especially in the rural areas. Along with the policy commitments stakeholders’ engagement is paramount in order to bring in the required change in the status of poverty and increased and sustained livelihood opportunities of the community. In line with this idea, we help to generate evidence and enhance efficacy of poverty reduction and livelihood programmes through impact evaluations, economic analysis, value chain studies and long-term technical assistance. Skills development is seen as one of the major factors in ensuring sustained livelihood options. The experienced team at DevInsights can train the youth of the country in making them employable, through research-based interventions in skill building and employment generation.

Our Projects

This study was commissioned by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) for one of their partners to present the existing status of the project indicators and population against which the project could be...

Charities Aids Foundation, India

Pune (Maharashtra) & Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

February 2017-April 2017

Tata Trusts initiated a multi thematic programme targeting the improvement of the quality of life of the beneficiaries through four major areas – livelihood, water and sanitation, community health...

Tata Trusts

Rayagada, Kalahandi and Kandhamal

December 2017-January 2018

This was the final evaluation of the country programme of Swallows, a non-profit development organisation based out of Lund, Sweden. The programme was implemented from 2014 to 2016, and six...

Svalorna Indien Bangladesh

Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat & Himachal Pradesh (44 villages across 10 states)

July 2018-October 2018

Reliance Foundation had planned to initiate the project “Jaipur Rural” in the rural areas of Jaipur district (Rajasthan). The objective was to reach rural population across a range of issues...

Reliance Foundation

Rajasthan- Jaipur (Rural)

February 2019-April 19

The objective of the study was to explore the short-term and long-term effects of migration on gender and social relations, resource and labour allocation, decision-making in selected rice-based...

International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Bihar- Gaya, Gopalganj & Darbhanga

October 2020-December 2020

Swallows India Bangladesh programme has been going on since 2014. This assignment was commissioned as the mid-term evaluation of the second phase of swallow’s project (2020). Project locations...

Svalorna Indien Bangladesh

ndia - Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka Bangladesh: Netrakona, Dhaka, Jhenaidah Manikganj, Mymensingh,Shariatpur

November 2019-March 2020