Is violence in mass media a necessary cathartic outlet, or an unnecessary influence?

There is continuing debate on the extent of the effects of media violence on children and young people. Violence in mainstream media like movies, TV shows and video games is something that is now so commonly portrayed that it is normalised to a point where most of the people don’t see it as an issue worth deliberation and debate. However, it does affects one’s cognition in a negative manner, especially young gullible minds. While it is often easy to objectively point out violent content in video games, unrelated animated characters in it being a contributing factor, it is all the more difficult for the mainstream public to object to the glorification of violence in movies, and Hindi movies, to be more specific.Most of the male lead role in movies are characterized by machismo and violence and these characters, played by famous actors who people see as role models, are more relatable to young people. Going by bandura’s social learning theory, when these model’s behaviours are reinforced positively, it tends to be imitated by people who relate to the model.

Anoushka Sharma
Intern – Social Media at DevInsights, Delhi